Lennox Station sits in the heart of the Lennox Park Historic District of Hendersonville, NC. Lennox Park Historic District originated in 1908 and hosts a rich history of residents from many different social backgrounds coexisting where business owners and employees all lived and worked together in the neighborhood. Early in its history, tourists, residents and employees of local businesses came together to enjoy the park like setting where Lennox Station sits today. The original building which still exists was built in 1915 and retains much of the character of the original structure. Lennox Station has been the home to the Freeze-Bacon Hosiery Mill, the Wing Paper Box Company and later the first Hendersonville Lowes. In the 1920’s the Lennox Park Historic District was a railroad-related industrial development and tourism center where residents took in summer boarders from across the Southeast. The Lennox Park Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. 

Lenox Spring sits just behind Lennox Station on the opposite side from the trail. Known for its mineral waters, visitors throughout history have been drawn to the location. Some documents say that the spring was visited by the Cherokee people for its healing powers and they named the spring “Gift from the Great Spirit.” Lenox Spring, which produced up to 30,000 gallons of water a day, was a main attraction for visitors to the Lennox Park neighborhood. 

lennox station

The Transylvania Railroad line (now the Ecusta Trail) crosses the Lennox Park neighborhood connecting Hendersonville, NC with Brevard, NC. Once a thriving tourism line, the Transylvania Railroad opened in 1895 and is 22 miles long. The line created the opportunity for people to access and enjoy the majestic North Carolina mountains, rivers and small towns. In 1906, Southern Railway purchased the Transylvania Railroad and continued its use until 2002. 

Lennox Station welcomes you to embrace the past and enjoy the recreation that so many have sought for over 100 years. Lennox Station looks forward to continuing the legacy of the Lennox Park Historic District and the Transylvania Railroad Line. 

441 South Whitted Street
Hendersonville, NC 28739

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